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There are many card games online to play, but one that stands out is Baccarat. Its name which is taken from the Italian word ‘baccara’, meaning zero, already describes what this game entails. This online game is between the player and the banker and involves comparing cards. Players compare cards to try and get the highest number using their cards and the bank, the player or both will win. When both parties win it is called a tie. To get to these scores you have to add up the cards you have.

The number cards from two or nine are worth the number shown, whilst the high value cards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace are not worth anything. If you get an Ace, you get one point. The total of the cards is added and then the rightmost number of that total is your winning score. To put it simply, on Baccarat if you get 16 points by adding a card of eight with another card of eight, your total number is six. You remove the first digit of the double number and are left with the rightmost digit. If you combine your cards and get a total of eight, then that is your total. The trick is to get nine, the highest value in this game.

If the common game wasn’t exciting enough, there are three other variants of this game to enjoy. Punto Banco does not require any skill or strategy as moves are decided by the cards given. On the other hand, the chemmy and à deux tableaux forms involve skill, with players allowed to make choices.

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Baccarat Online Casinos Australia

Now the card game of Baccarat has transformed perfectly to play on PC screens. Although fairly new to the online casino environment, this game has become favoured by beginners and high rollers. Software and gaming developers have created a realistic and authentic game where players actually feel like they are sitting in a brick and mortar casino. With bright colours, sharp graphics and relaxed background music, Baccarat demands your attention! This game is available on many online casinos, with different online casinos offering different in game rewards and bonuses.

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Whether you’re looking to win or just want to play for free there are many online casinos that offer this game in real money mode and in free play mode. In free mode you can bump up your skills as you practise on the game. Never played this game before? Well in this mode you can become accustomed to the game play and rules. However, if winning is your aim then play on real money mode. You can start enjoying all the benefits of playing Baccarat online, at your own pace and time, even in your own home.

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When playing this game online, it’s best to research the game first. Knowledge is power and going in with a full knowledge of the game will prepare you for a winning experience. Know your limits and do not bet more than you can lose. It’s better to bet on a bankers bet than a tie, as this will see you winning more often. Try not bet against streaks so keep your bets different all the time. If you’re a beginner try out mini-baccarat or the free games and discover why this game is so popular!

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