Sic bo online australia

Players from Australia with a taste for the exotic can enjoy playing an ancient Chinese dice game online for free or for real money. Players can play Sic Bo directly from their browsers, or they can download the game software to their computers.

A firm favourite in Asian casinos, this game is growing in popularity elsewhere, and offers players exciting game play. The game is played along similar lines to long-time casino favourite, Craps, and is played with three dice.

In Sic Bo, players will need to bet on what they think the dice will add up to when they are rolled. Like its European cousin Craps, this game features many different betting options, and successful guesses can bring big rewards.

Players can wager on a number to appear on the three dice (Three of a Kind), or on a number to appear on two of the three dice (Two of a Kind). Players also have the option of placing a Small bet on the possibility that the three dice will add up to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Big bets can be placed on the possibility of the dice adding up to any number between 11 and 17. Players may also bet on a specific outcome, placing a wager on number they think the dice will add up to.

Other Sic Bo betting options include Total Values, Any Triple, Specific Triples, Specific Doubles, Two-Die Combination, Single Number, Evens or Odds, and Three or Four.

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Strategy: Method in the Madness

An action-packed online gaming adventure awaits Australian players in the ancient Chinese dice game, Sic Bo. While the dice numbers are generated by random number generating technology, there are tips and tricks and stratagems that can help players maximise their gameplay.

Players should place bets that cover a wide range of numbers that could be rolled. These are known as the Small and Big Bets, and while they only pay even money, players have a one in two chance of being correct. Players could increase their payouts by betting on single numbers being rolled, and it’s a good idea to place more than a single bet per roll.

Variations on a theme

For players who can’t get enough of Sic Bo, some online casinos that accept Australian players offer two main variations on the game, both of which were developed in the United States. The first, Grand Hazard, is a three-dice game in which the player must guess the outcome of each roll. The second, Chuck-A-Luck, features dice rolled in a birdcage-device.

A great gaming experience awaits

Exotic and action-packed, Sic Bo has been a favourite game among Chinese players for hundreds of years, and now Australian players can enjoy playing it online at casinos that accept players from the country.

The state of the art security technology used by online casinos means that players’ funds and personal details are protected, and the online casino cashier options make deposits and withdrawals safe, quick and easy.

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