Australian Keno Online

Keno is not your typical online game like Blackjack, roulette or slots, but it still packs a punch and is lots of fun! It is similar to lottery or bingo and here players must guess which numbers they think will be drawn at irregular times. Guess right and you could be in for a large winning! So although this game does not require much skill, it is a game of chance and luck.

Players play on a card and this card has 80 numbers on it. Players can pick up to 20 numbers on the card, depending on the casino. You can pick 10, 15 or other amounts as well. The more numbers you pick on Keno, the more your wager. However, the more numbers picked the more chances of winning! Once marked off, the numbers appear on the balls, at random times picked by the casino, and you get to see how many numbers you guessed correctly.

The game also has a philosophical aspect to it as it is based on an ancient Chinese game. Yin and Yang play their part in this game, so you have the two opposing sides and you need to find a balance. Bringing this concept into the game, the Yin is the top part of the card and the Yang is the bottom. To bring balance into your gaming, and hopefully a large win, pick equal numbers from the bottom of the card and from the top.

Players can now enjoy online Keno on the PC, anytime, anywhere. Many online casinos offer this game so you won’t be stumped on online venues which offer it. The game is transformed beautifully to the screen, with bright graphics, stunning colours and fun soundtracks immersing players into this online authentic world. On most online casinos, the numbers are seen on ping pong balls which are placed in a glass structure.

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Online Keno Australia

To up the fun factor, some online casinos offer this game in Flash so you’re set to enjoy some animations here. If you’re looking for the social and interactive aspect of the game, many online casinos offer live Keno. If you’re looking for more rewards and bonuses, play on the casinos that offer more in-game boosters and rewards. Playing this game online will not only bring you good fortune, but you’ll also experience all the joys of playing online. So make this your number one online destination!

Practise your skills or play to win

As this game is simplistic, learning it is quick and easy. They are few rules and game play is seamless. Have a few rounds on free mode and see how the game works. In this mode you won’t be spending any money or running any risk. When you’re ready, play on the real money mode and try your luck for large winnings. Most reputable online casinos will offer both modes, making online Keno inviting to more players across the board.

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